We are excited to announce our own Mr. Ernie Kirk and Mr. Jason Cohen as instructors for this amazing event and opportunity! 


The 2nd International Krav-Maga Seminar

The 2nd International Krav-Maga Seminar
Wingate Institute May 27th, 2016

12:00-12:25: Solutions to current knife attacks
Rami Aviram - Israel

• B.A. Sociology and Education, Martial Arts Therapist
• Israel National Kickboxing Team Coach
• Karate & Kickboxing coach
• WKM Senior instructor and head of S.K.M
• Head of martial arts therapy program, lecturer and trainer
• 5 Dan Krav-Maga, 4 Dan Karate,  3 Dan Kickboxing, 1 Dan Jujitsu  

12:30-12:55: Means to improve ability to gun threats disarm
 Dr. Danilo Levote - Italy

• Ph.D. in criminology, specialized in combat stress, emergency psychology and intelligence analysis.
• Shooting instructor, operative techniques, self-defense and close protection specialist.
• Head instructor and training manager of Krav-Maga Italy.

13:00-13:25: Spikey Tool
Sifu Sapir Tal – Israel

• Inventor of SPIKEY and the Spikey System.
• Head of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Israel. "Inner the gate" and a "Disciple" of GM Henry Poo Yee
• A leading tutor of many martial arts teachers worldwide.
• Specializes in teaching both female self-defense and Special Forces.
• Regularly certifies policemen, correctional officers and military personnel.

13:40-14:05: Time line applications against hand techniques Alain Cohen – France (IL)
• Wingate Institute official representative in France
• Coach and lecturer at Wingate Institute
• Martial Arts coach
• Krav-Maga instructor
• Martial Art Fitness instructor
• Thai box instructor
• Israeli ministry of defense supplier
• 5th Dan in Krav-Maga

14:10-14:35:  Disarming knife threats while backed to a wall
Shlomi Katz - USA

• Former head of Krav-Maga and hand-to-hand combat in the LOTAR – the Counter Terror School of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) 
• Master degree (black belt Dan 7) in Meijin-Kai – an Israeli system that combines Krav-Maga, karate and Muay-Thai.
• 6 Dan Krav-Maga
• 5 Dan in pankration (MMA) from the International Federation of Pankration
• Raised and trained world champion in pankration MMA
• 3 Dan in karate
• Trained several national champions in full-contact fighting and world champions in pankration MMA
• Certified coach in the International Pankration Federation • Certified instructor by Wingate Sports Institute, Israel 1993
• MBA Degree

14:40-15:05: Gun defense
Jason Cohen - USA

• 5th Degree Black Belt, Premier Martial Arts System
• 4th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
• Certified Krav-Maga Universal "Train the Trainer"
• Wingate Practical Instructor
• U.S. Department of Defense Contractor, Pre-deployment Self Protection Instructor
• Vice President of Krav-Maga Universal.

15:10-15:35: Two against one & how to assist a friend in need
Tsach Harel- Israel
• Head of Krav-Maga qualifications in IDF (reserved)
• Krav-Maga officer (reserved)
• Senior Krav-Maga Instructor
• Boxing Instructor
• Fitness Instructor • Former Boxing champion
• Teacher and lecturer at Wingate Institute

15:35-16:00 Refreshment
16:00-17:00 Closing ceremony and demonstrations