Ernie Kirk

Ernie is the U.S. Representative for Krav Maga from Wingate Institute, Netanya Israel (Birthplace of Krav Maga)

He holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga, 6th in TKD, 5th in Hapkido, Black Belts in Goju Kai and Judo.

Certifications through Wingate include: Senior Instructor, Military Instructor Certification, Security & Close

Protection Certification, Children’s Instructor, was featured instructor at International Krav Maga Seminar at

Wingate Institute and received recognition for efforts and teaching Krav Maga in America. Wingate is solely

responsible for providing self-protection instructors to all combat Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) units. Mr. Kirk is the

only American instructor recognized by Wingate with authority to certify others using the Wingate curriculum.

Mr. Ernie Kirk is the Lead Self Protection Instructor, USAF Air Advisor Academy (AFAAA), Joint Base McGuire-

Dix-Lakehurst, NJ. In this position, Mr. Kirk is responsible for developing and providing tailored pre-deployment

self-protection curriculum to all students attending USAAAA. The AFAAA mission is to support all services and

students are comprised of active duty, reserve, and DAF civilians selected to support execution of DoD missions

worldwide and in all threat conditions. His experience and expertise was instrumental in the creation of the USAF

Air Advisor Academy’s proprietary Self Protection curriculum and the Air Education Training Command (AETC)

instructor certification process.

Mr. Kirk was charged with self-protection instructor development of other AFAAA cadre as well select personnel

from other military and law enforcement units identified to provide this necessary skill set upon certification. Mr.

Kirk's extensive knowledge of combatives and real world experience made him instrumental in refining and

operationalizing the AFAAA Flight Deck Denial training module. Mr. Kirk has been personally selected for his

professionalism and adaptability to lead Mobile Training Teams to deliver Self-Protection and Flight Deck Denial

education and training to select DOD personnel. Mr. Kirk is Lead Instructor for Flight Deck Denial and frequently

instructs Special Operations Military Personel. He is also part of a Mobile Training Team specifically designed for

SOPEs (Special Operations Planning Exercises).

Other key positions and accomplishments of Mr. Kirks include being a charter member of instructors certified to

teach Israeli based Krav Maga's self-protection system in the United States. He was "Train-the-Trainer" for both

Law Enforcement and civilians for Krav Maga Worldwide, the largest Krav Maga organization in the U.S. during

this period. Finally, he was selected as the Director Krav Maga Worldwide Advisory Board.




D is the Fieldcraft Chief Instructor responsible for providing comprehensive pre-deployment education and training to students of the USAF Air Advisor Academy located at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. He leads a Cadre of Instructors from various military and law enforcement backgrounds.   

D has been a Team member of multiple Protective Operations deployments to Libya, Egypt, Haiti, South Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East and Latin America. As a Team leader, D was responsible for all aspects of mission planning and execution.  Additional duties included organization and execution of training evolutions.  D has served as a Personal Security Specialist (PSS) in support of atmospheric collection.  He has conducted covert missions in High Threat and Uncertain Environments.  Frequently D would advise, train and assist host nation partners.  He was responsible for the collection, analysis, and execution of actionable atmospheric data within the area of operations.  


1. More than 20 operational deployments in support of U.S. Government operations and private contracts

2. Advised and trained partner nations

3. Delivered combat skills pre-deployment education and training to thousands of Department of Defense personnel

4. Developed comprehensive curriculum currently utilized by the Department of Defense.  Subjects include: High Threat Driving, Flight Deck Denial / Aircraft Security, Uncertain Environment Urban Maneuver Tactics, Advanced Combatives, Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carbine, Concealed Carry Weapons, Surveillance Detection Routes, Self Protection, Offensive Edged Weapons, De-escalation of Conflict, Urban Area Land Navigation and Area Familiarizations / Site Assessments.   


Anne Kirk

Anne has been training in Krav Maga for 4 years.

She has earned her Green belt under Ernie Kirk, completed her level 1 instructor certification with Krav Maga Universal, completed courses at the Wingate Institute in Israel including the International Martial Arts Conference and Seminar, and Krav Maga Techniques and Concepts, as well as attended multiple courses with topics including Edged Weapons, Gun defenses, and Knife Defenses. Anne has also trained Kettlebells for 3 years under Will Schlucter at Will Power Strength and Conditioning. Anne earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University in 2010.  Anne current practices physical therapy in West Chester with a focus on martial artists.  Anne currently teaches adults and children, as well as runs the strength and conditioning program at Kirk's PMA.


Matt DeVito

Matt teaches precision striking and BJJ. Matt has been training in the martial arts for 9 years including Judo, BJJ, and Krav Maga.  Matt has earned a purple belt in BJJ and a blue belt in Krav Maga.


Carlo Tursi

A lifelong resident of Delaware County, Carlo has lived in Garnet Valley for the last 21 years with his wife Sheila and his three sons.  AN active supporter of youth sports in the Garnet Valley area, Carlo serves on the Board of Directors of the Bradywine Youth Club and Garnet Valley High School Wrestling and Football programs.  Carlo has participated in Judo for close to thirty years with the Liberty Bell Judo Club earning a 1st degree Black Belt (Sho-dan) from 6th degree Black Belt (Roku-dan) Judo Master Joe Condello.  Carlo remains active in the Philadelphia Judo community, assisting in running the annual Liberty Bell Judo Classic, the best Judo tournament on the East Coast.


Joseph Pearson

Joey has been the head children's Karate instructor since 2016.  Joey is a high school senior at Garnet Valley high school.  Joe has trained under Ernie Kirk for 6 years earning his Blue Belt in Krav Maga.  Joe has also trained BJJ for the past 2 years.


Curt Norcini

Curt began his Krav Maga training in 2005.  He currently holds the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt, under the supervision and instruction of Ernie Kirk. Curt obtained his instructor certification from Ernie Kirk in 2009 and is currently a basic and advanced Krav Maga instructor in Glen Mills.  Curt has personally assisted in the training of U.S. Department of Homeland Security personnel, the West Chester Police Department and surrounding municipalities as well as the Chester County Emergency Response Team.  He has also assisted with instructor development to the United States Air Force, Air Advisor Academy aboard Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J.  Curt has led and assisted in numerous seminars in the area of Women's Self Defense and Self Protection.  Curt has lectured on the topic of Self-Defense vs. Retribution and Use of Force for Krav Maga Instructors at the 2013 PMA Martial Arts Symposium in Orlando, FL.

Professionally, Curt is Solicitor to the Chester County Register of Wills, Assistant Solicitor to the Republican Committee of Chester County and a practicing Criminal Defense attorney and partner at the firm of Musi, Malone & Daubenberger, LLP, located in West Chester, PA.


Athena Clarkin

Athena Clarkin

Has been teaching for over 30 years, Athena specializes in women's self- protection and empowerment

training including the featured instructor for the Women's Republican Party of Chester Co.

First female to ever hold the title of Menkyo Shihan/ Master level in Combat Ki.

Only female in a 3 person team that ran a course that subcontracted to a close protection/ body guard


Frequently works with Law Enforcement Agencies (including local, state and federal agencies) on restraint

and control techniques, stress training, use of force and defensive tactics.

Participates with Chester County Police Departments when they conduct their high stress incidents training.

As a Chester County 911 dispatcher she has responded to many critical incidents on the County's

Emergency Response being the only police dispatcher to respond to the shooting in Lancaster at the Amish

school house.


Menkyo Shihan (Master level)  in Juko kai Combat Ki

Godan (5th degree black belt) in Shorin Ryu Karate

Godan("    "           "        ")   in Kokusai Juko Ryu Kobudo Kumiai ( tradional Okinawan weapons)

Shodan (1st degree black belt) in Kokusai Ryukyu Toide Kumiai ( hard line throws and

joint locks)

Menkyo Kyoshi(Master level) in Shinjo Ryu Iaijutsu ( traditional Samurai sword )

Krav Maga Instructor


Mike Hutchinson

Mike Hutchinson has been training in Krav Maga since 2010.  Mike hastrained under Ernie Kirk for the past 7 and a half years.  As well as "currently holds the rank of 4th degree Black Belt as recognized by the Aikkai Hombu Dojo in Japan. In 2014 he earned his Level 1 Instructor Certification.  Mike has trained in Aikido for over 14 years.  He currently holds the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt (Sandan) as recognized by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Japan.  Mike is a certified Aikido instructor with the Aikido World Alliance.  Mike has been teaching Aikido at all levels for over 6 years.  He is also a certified instructor in Aikido for Law Enforcement under the supervision of Richard Price.  Professionally, Mike works as the R&D manager at Animas, a Johnson & Johnson Co., where his responsible for developing next generation diabetes management systems.  Mike is married and blessed with four kids (2 sets of twins)!

Gerald Berkowitz

Jerry Berkowitz has been training in Krav Maga under Ernie Kirk since 2002.  He has over 40 years of experience as a wrestler.  Jerry currently holds rank of 2nd degree Black Belt in Krav Maga and is certified by Ernie Kirk to train students at all levels.  Jerry also assists in certifying instructors to teach Krav Maga.  Jerry also holds rank in Aikido and continues to train in that discipline.  Professionally, Jerry has been practicing law and business litigation for over 30 years.


Stephen Boyle

Stephen Boyle started training in Krav Maga in 2009.  He achieved the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt in Krav Maga under Ernie Kirk. In addition to Krav Maga, he trains in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo.  Stephen has attended numerous seminars with accredited instructors over the past 6 years.  Stephen chooses a lifestyle of health and activity which he considers to be his greatest investment.  Professionally, Stephen is a local union worker